Ice Skate Sharpening Service

Find the right sharpness for your skating needs.

We recommend a default starting radius of 1/2” for hockey skates and 5/8" for figure skates. Tell us your radius preference or change it slightly between sharpenings until you find the right radius to fit your style of skating.

Hockey skates are designed for speed and protection. Hockey boots feature a lower front, higher back and a wider toe box. The blade is riveted to the sole of the boot and has a flat middle and curved ends. It’s more difficult to spin in hockey skates, but they are better for speed, turns and quick stops.

Figure skates are built for performance and support. Figure skates have a taller boot and blades that are longer and wider. They feature a toe pick, which helps with jumps. Figure skate blades are curved and are mounted separately to the skate boot.


There is no “right” or “wrong” radius, it all comes down to what is most comfortable for you and your skating style. Here's a look at what different radii look like on the bottom of your skate blade.

We typically recommend a default radius of 1/2” for hockey skates, typically 5/8” and up as athletes get more comfortable on the ice and 5/8" for most adult beginner and intermediate figure skaters.

Smaller radius = more bite = quicker acceleration

Larger radius = flatter surface = more speed, less bite for more maneuverability


Hockey or Figure Skates 

On the Spot Sharpening (10-30 minutes).      $18.00

Drop-Off Sharpening (before noon ready by 4pm same day, or next day).    $12.00


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